There are Several Ways to Tithe or Give Financially to Your Church

Automatic Bank Draft – A preferred method of giving is by Automatic Bank Draft. This method is great for those members and visitors who normally give the same amount each time they give. It saves you the time and hassle of writing checks and reduces clerical time at the church in recording your giving. Automatic Bank Draft is a cost free service to the Church and to members and visitors. You can choose the draft date most convenient to you – such as the 1st, 15th or each Monday

of the month.  Details on “How to Sign Up for Automatic Bank Draft” are available in the Church volunteer office. If you need assistance with completing the form for Automatic Bank Draft, please see Dee Earl. 

Check (or Cash)

– Members and visitors may tithe or give during the church service by check and/or cash.  Envelopes are available from the Church office (or available in the pews) for your privacy and bookkeeping purposes.  Checks may also be mailed to the Church directly.  Please be sure to mark the envelope to the attention of Dee Earl.

Publically-Traded Securities

– Members and visitors may choose to give publically-traded securities to complete their tithe / gifting.  Please contact Dee Earl for additional information about the appropriate transfer forms for the Church’s brokerage account.  And please talk with your Financial Advisor and/or CPA about which securities should be used for tithing / gifting, as there may be tax advantages to using specific (low basis) securities.